Meet our Team

Velocity Fitness is proud to have a well, rounded team of highly skilled and experienced trainers.  We take training our members seriously and you can expect nothing but the best in personal and group fitness training.

Jud Roberts:  Owner/ Operator

Centennial's Body Transformation Expert - By changing his life first, he learned how to transform and help ordinary people do extraordinary things.

  • NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT)
  • NESTA Certified Core Conditioning Specialist (CCS)
  • NESTA Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management - (LSWM)
  • BAS Systems Certified Kickboxing Instructor
  • BA - Bachelor in Business Administration - Finance - The University of Akron
  • Red Cross AED/CPR Certified
  • NESTA Master Personal Trainer (MPT) in process
  • Functional Training Specialist (FTS)
  • Biomechanics Specialist (BMS)
  • Speed, Agility, & Quickness Specialist (SAQ)
  • Like many people Jud was once an out of shape, over weight, 30 something year old father of three.  While active in his youth and 20's, fitness took a back to seat to life, a job, and raising 3 kids with his wife Juli.  An opportunity with Juli's company transfered them from Ohio to Colorado and everything changed when they meet Sean and Nichole Davis of Davis Training Boot Camp.  Starting out, Jud could barely do a couple hundred mountain climbers, but the Davis's ignited a fire for fitness in him.  Hard work, sweat, burpees, hard work, sweat, burpees, and a love for difficult workouts lead Jud to follow in his Mentor Sean's footsteps.  After losing over 30 lbs, he began teaching group fitness classes for the Davis's, studying fitness certifications, and eventually Jud and Juli bought Davis Training in Centennial, CO.  Shortly after they changed the name to Velocity Fitness, but carry on a strong community of amazing people that care for the fitness and well being of each other.

    An Amazing Mother - Betsy took 4th place in her age group in the most difficult half marathon in the world!!!

    Betsy Vena:  

    • NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer 
    •  Group Fitness Instructor

    I have a passion for health and fitness that stems from my love of physical activity, gaining peace of mind and clarity that health and fitness brings and the constant need for a challenge. I believe through motivation, dedication and the proper exercise routine, every individual has the ability to achieve their ideal fitness goals. 

    Activities and Interests

    I am an avid triathlete and have participated in over 10 triathlons of various lengths.  Almost each one I have placed in my age group.  I have run many marathons including the Pikes Peak Ascent in August of this year, where I placed 4th in my age group.

    Betsy is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a BS in Marketing.  She is CPR /AED certified.

    Austin Jones: Professional MMA Fighter / Group Fitness Trainer

    I am former University of Nebraska football player. In my collegiate and athletic experience I developed a work ethic, teamwork and leadership. Along with that I developed speed, agility, and explosiveness.

    If you didn’t know already, the University of Nebraska was the first facility that specialized in strength in conditioning in athletic sports under the founder and former strength coach, Boyd Epley. Today, Nebraska is still a proud owner or one of the most prestige weight room facilities in the country.

    In this program built a great deal of knowledge in physical and mental athletic preparation. I am now an MMA fighter and my experience at Nebraska has certainly transferred as I am currently undefeated.

    My entire life has been devoted to one thing, success. The keys to success require a plan, dedication, hard work and execution. Since I can remember I have always had a competitive edge about me. Outworking my competition has always been a challenge that I have always embraced, especially in athletics. Through this I learned that outside of performance there are several hours of preparation that is required.

    As an athlete, in order to perform at a high level, you must compete outside of performance at a high level. This is done with efficient strength, speed, and conditioning training in the weight room and on the field/court.

    Fun fact: I was a tryout walk on at the University of Nebraska. How did I get there? I simply believed it would happen and I put in the work. I encourage all people who have physical and athletic goals to simply believe and take action.

    Fun Fact: I am a Brook Berringer Citizentship award winner which required hours of community service, athletic performance, and high GPA.

    GO HUSKERS!!!!!!

    Fun Fact:  I took my three youngest (all girls -13, 11, & 8 - on a 2 day 28 mile hike in the Uinta range and they were fabulous!  We met my husband and son (#2 child) at the end of their 5 day 90 mile hike and they could not have been more proud of the girls!

    Margie Woolley : Group Fitness Instructor

    I grew up in San Francisco, CA, and competed in competitive gymnastics as a teenager.  After graduating from high school, I moved to Provo, UT, where I studied at Brigham Young University and received my degrees in Macroeconomics and Spanish Literature.  I have always enjoyed being physically active and was fortunate enough to marry someone equally enthusiastic about enjoying the outdoors and being physically fit.  We have lived in Colorado for 13 years and have 5 wonderful and active children – 2 in college, 2 in high school and 1 in middle school.

    Activities & Interest:

    I am a proponent of being mentally and physically fit.  I love to read and learn new things and I believe that everyone is capable of achieving any physical or educational goal they may have as long as they try.  I, myself, am an avid outdoors enthusiast – find a trail and I’ll hike it, find a lake and I’ll fish in it (no guarantees about cleaning the fish).  I also enjoy running and the challenge of a triathlon.  I have competed in several triathlons and love the challenge of the transition and all the different muscles the sport involves.  I have also run in several half marathons and thoroughly enjoy the sense of accomplishment when done.

    I also enjoy cooking and baking - I find it relaxing and my family finds it delicious