< < < While most lose weight and body fat, we also focus on helping our members achieve performance results.  3 X Half Marathon PR's for Jonathan, Jen, and Mike.

Jen J. - "Jud's Boot Camp workouts  push your cardio and the resistance training to strengthen my whole body helped me PR my half at 1 hour and 44 minutes."

Jonathan C. - "Thanks to the fantastic combination of strength training as well as cardio conditioning within every workout, I was able to set a new personal record of 1:39 in my half marathon with really minimal run training.  Thank you Jud Roberts!!"

Mike W. - "Can't say enough about working out at Velocity and how it's getting me back to an elite level with my fitness."  "Not to mention I dropped 25 lbs following Jud's amazing Game Changers Program in just 6 weeks."

"Thanks to Velocity fitness I have gone from over weight to fit and could not be prouder or happier. The changes have come with a great deal of work.  Because of the great people that work or attend classes that help push you along it makes things easier. At my heaviest I was probably pushing 280 lbs and couldn’t run a mile without thinking I was going to have a heart attack."

"Fast forward a little over a year since I decided to really make a difference in my eating habits and fitness goals I am down to 230 lbs and as strong and fit as I have ever been. I have completed obstacle course races and recently a 12k trail run and have been able to finish with a smile (sort of). I have more races planned for the future that I never would have attempted."

"All the people and trainers at the gym will be more than willing to help you reach any goal you set.  I am thankful for finding such a great place to help me make positive changes and plan on being with Velocity for a long time."

Jason C.

“As I write this recommendation people are going to think I am crazy.  I started boot camp 3 years ago and loved it. It is the best work out ever.  I even pay for this fun. Every work out is different and an adventure.  It is hard but feels great afterwards."  

"Jud brings a lot of fun to every workout and if Jud isn’t there to make you accountable Kendall or Jason will work you to death.   It is a family type atmosphere where you meet people and actually form friendships.  If you are thinking about joining a gym or a boot camp class, I highly recommend Velocity Fitness.  If you already belong to a gym I would highly recommend trying Velocity Fitness because you will want to change.”

Pam P.

"After talking to Jud about my goal to PR an upcoming half marathon, he wrote a program specific for me. You see I love running, but also love the group fitness classes at Velocity. They build my overall, body strength, and increase my endurance to allow me to be a better, injury free runner. Amazingly Jud incorporated speed work, and other key runs into my schedule, along with the group classes. This 12 week program helped me to smash my previous PR by almost 9 minutes. I can't thank Velocity enough for everything they do for me."

Andrea H

“I have to say this gym is one of the better ones I have belonged to for various reasons.  The workouts are challenging, and I leave the gym feeling like a got a fabulous workout in 45 minutes.  I have never walked away thinking "that was too easy".  Another positive aspect for me is the people I work out with.  They are such a motivating and fun group of people.  It makes getting up at 5:30 in the morning a bit easier knowing I will see people who will start my day off with a smile.  The workouts are never boring and they are always different.  Jud does a great job at creating fun, challenging routines that change constantly.  This keeps me motivated and looking forward to each day.  Thanks for all you do!!!!”

Rachel S

“Since starting at the gym, my fitness level has greatly improved. I started out having to do push-ups against a wall, and now I can do boy push-ups! The staff is very encouraging, and always make me want to work harder than the day before. The other members are also great, and help keep me motivated. I am glad i found a 'fitness home' here. They have become my gym family, and I actually WANT to work out, and see everyone.”

Judy H.

"I love boot camp!  I've never been able to stick with an exercise program this long - it's been 1.5 years.  I feel great, and look forward to even more.  The workouts are fun and interesting.  And, all ages can feel welcome here and get something out of it."

Patty G.

“Best thing I have ever done for myself! I love boot camp, I'm doing things people half my age can't do. When I first started I was terrified I wouldn't be able to keep up or do the workouts and I was slow at first but I felt so good when I completed a workout, I had so much energy. The workouts are great all round full body workouts, never boring and sometimes even fun!

In 3 years I have accomplished so much due to Jud and his workouts and encouragement, I completed my first Tough Mudder at the age of 56, did 100 burpees a day for 100 days straight and completed 570 burpees on my 57th birthday. Along with good health and so many accomplishments I have met some of the most amazing people here, people who work along side of you, encourage you, I love my boot camp family!
Darlene F.