Adventure Race Training at Velocity Fitness

Have you ever thought about running the Tough Mudder?  How about the Spartan, or any other mud, obstacle type adventure race.

Well, anyone can do it, but if you don't train properly you are going to pay the price on race day.  Last year, I was amazed at the number of people just dying on the side of the mountain at Beaver Creek.  Bent over, throwing up, or just standing there completely crushed as we went cruising by.

Tough Mudder website says that 78% of participants finish a Tough Mudder.  That's 22% that drop out, quit, get injured, or just can't hack it.

100% of our team members have finish the Tough Mudder 3 years in a row.  Let me repeat that!

100% of our gym who participated, finished the Tough Mudder!  Not just last year, but 3 years in a row.

When someone falls down, two people pull them up.  We leave no mudder behind.  We train and prepare hard, but we also have a lot of fun.  How do you get 60 people across the finish line?  Team work and training.

This is what happens if you consistently go to our Boot Camp, and special weekend obstacle race training classes. 

Sean and Nikki Davis started the race training for Tough Mudder 2011.  Since then it has taken on a life of it's own as many of our members are now mud race junkies.  The gym has done 3 straight Tough Mudders and our Team continues to get bigger.  In 2012 we had the largest team at Beaver Creek Colorado with 54 people, and repeated that in 2013 with 63.

We are currently training for the Spartan Race and Insanity Mud Run which are at the beggining and end of May.  We duplicate or simulate many of the obstacles in those races so we will be prepared.  After that we gear up and will continue our training with focus on the Tough Mudder in early September.

If you are interested in training with us please feel free to contact me at:

All regular gym members can participate in our weekend Adventure Race Training for free.  Non gym members pay $15 per training session.