Our Boot Camp classes use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, Strength Training, and improve Cardiovascular Fitness.

Our Denver boot camp workouts are designed to be 45 minutes to get you in and out if your time is limited.

With HIIT you burn more calories, lose more fat, and improve your cardiovascular fitness level, all while spending less time than doing traditional cardio.

However, don't think for a minute that you won't be working hard.  Shorter does not mean easier. 

Velocity Fitness Boot Camp classes are for almost everyone.  The strong, the weak, the fit, and the not so fit.  As long as you have the will to finish, you will do great.  The improvements in the way you feel will amaze you. 

Here are a few of the benefits:  

Burn Calories 

Because you are moving rapidly from exercise to exercise using your entire body you burn amazing calories.  Most boot camps you will burn 600 calories or more.  This is more than you will burn with other exercises.

Even better are calories you burn after the workout.  This has been dubbed "The After-Burn Effect".  There is all kinds of information out there you can look up if you're interested.  Basically the hours after your workout you will burn far more calories recovering than you will with traditional steady state cardio.  

Boot Camp Workouts get rid of boredom

Do you dread getting on the treadmill for a mere 20 minutes?  At Boot Camp, time flies by when you are engaged in so many exercises.  You get going, start to sweat, and the next thing you know you look at the clock and the 45 minutes is almost up.

BAM, DONE!!  You got completely crushed, but you feel great.  Drenched in sweat, everyone is slapping hands, saying "good job", "way to go".  People talking about wow, that station was brutal, or this one was rough.

Compare that to the big box, corporate gym.  Does treadmill 24 pump you up?  Does nautilus machine 38 say great job, you did amazing today?  Does anyone at big box gym even say hi, let alone know your name?

Our workouts are different every day so you never get bored of the same old routine.  We have hundreds of unique boot camp work outs that we have perfected and tweaked for years.  If we really like it, we give it a name.  "The Run Down", "The Death Drop", "The Guantlet", and so, so many more.

Boot Camp Workouts give an aerobic and muscle toning workout

Boot Camp programs are probably the most efficient workouts out there.  It allows you to get in aerobic and strength training in a single workout.  Being full body workouts, your muscles don't get used to the same routine over and over.  Your endurance will sky rocket, and your results will be like nothing you've seen before!

Every year we have several members that PR (personal record) half marathons, or other distances they like to race.  They aren't runners that go out and hurt their bodies by running 6 days a week.

Boot Camp Workouts Build Confidence

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in a boot camp class.  You'll be tired, sweaty, yet energized and feeling great.  You might count up the burpees you did and say, wow, I did all those, and it was only a very small part of the workout.  Each workout you get stronger and more fit, your endurance goes through the roof, your clothes fit better, you lose some unwanted weight, and the next thing you know, you're more confident in so many more aspects of your life.


Our Denver Boot Camp classes are very affordable.  For a fraction of the cost of personal training you get amazing workouts every day.  The group atmosphere along with the trainer will encourage you, push you, and motivate you.  You will not find that kind of positive energy, combined with great workouts, anywhere for such a great price. 

The Bottom Line

You can have amazing results and be a part of a fantastic community where working out is an enjoyable part of your life.

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