VFIT™ Circuit Training / Boot Camp

  • 45-minute workout session combing core conditioning (abs) with circuit training.               
  • A full body, all around workout, of moderate to difficult intensity.                                                
  • Good for weight loss, muscle gain, and overall strength and conditioning.                                 
  • Massive variety so you never get bored and your body is always challenged.

About the Workout

Circuit Training is a method of resistance training that maximizes the volume of work done in a short period of time.  It consists of performing multiple exercises on multiple body parts with little rest in between exertions.  It is extremely beneficial because maintained elevated heart rate increases cardiovascular endurance, while gaining muscle through resistance training, all while burning high amounts of calories.  Circuit training increases the amount of oxygen one burns post exercise, and therefore, burns more calories throughout the day.  This is known as EPOC.  Some call it the afterburn.

Circuit Training is great for increasing lean body mass, and decreasing body fat weight.

Boot Camp is simply a form of group exercise that promotes fat loss, camaraderie, and team effort.  It’s designed to push people further than they would push themselves in the gym alone.  Boot camps provide social support for those that find it hard to develop good exercise habits.  Often odd objects like tires, sandbags, and medicine balls may be used to enhance ones training.  Almost any type of group training technique can fall under Boot Camp, so it’s not a specific workout format.  So, H.I.I.T, core conditioning, circuit training, strength training, VFIT™Fusion, and almost any type of group fitness class can be considered a boot camp.

At Velocity Fitness our Boot Camps have formed an amazing community of people.  Many of our members have become great friends, and we often do things outside of the gym.  It’s not uncommon for groups to run mud races, climb 14ners, do the Manitou Incline, play volley ball, play in dodgeball tournaments, or just hang out together.  After workouts, people high five, socialize, and congratulate each other on working hard.  You will be amazed at the support you will receive from our people.

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