About Us

Velocity Fitness provides group fitness classes and personal training.   People come to Velocity to get a full body workout, including cardio and strength training in less than an hour session.   We are the perfect alternative to the big box fitness center, and the trendy gyms that push way to much weight on untrained members, often causing injury.

Our members are normal Mothers and Fathers that are looking to get back in shape, maintain, or take their fitness to a level they never dreamed they could achieve.

We look to train, and educate our members so that fitness because a regular part of thier life.  It's something they look forward to, not something they dread having to do three times a week.  Many members tell us coming to class is the best part of their day.

While our trainers are amazing, it's the support and encouragement from other people in the class that helps set us apart.  Your first day, people will come up to you openly and introduce themselves and give you encouragement.  At the end of class you'll get high fives and good jobs from everyone.

Looking for more private, personal training?  Our certified, personal trainers will give you the 1 on 1 attention, in our private studio setting, so you will achieve your goals.

Our Mission

  • We will lead, inspire, and professionally train our members to achieve their personal fitness goals, all while having fun.

Our Values

  • Fitness, Health and Wellness for all
  • Encouragement for the ordinary, to do the extraordinary
  • Positive Energy
  • Family, Freinds, and Loyalty
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