The Best Fitness in Centennial, CO

Welcome to Velocity Fitness, an energizing studio / gym with amazing workouts, expert trainers, and top of the line equipment.

We are the perfect alternative to the big box health clubs, and trendy studios and gyms.

While our workouts are extremely challenging and will leave you exhausted, but felling great, amazingly they can also be fun. 


We are currently running a Groupon for a limited time.  Click the image to see our specials and make sure to watch the video.  You'll be able to see our gym and have an example of what we are all about.

We know that working out and getting fit can be extremely challenging.  Did you know that a wopping 66% of people with big box gym memberships never use them?  Clearly they are not having fun trying to run on treadmill #44.  Nautilus machine #26 just doesn't give them the encouragement they need to get off the couch.

We provide a positive, motivating atmosphere that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  Our members are amazingly supportive and embrace the chance to help and get to know someone new that comes to our classes.

“As I write this recommendation people are going to think I am crazy.  I started boot camp 3 years ago and loved it. It is the best work out ever.  I even pay for this fun. Every work out is different and an adventure.  It is hard but feels great afterwards."  

Pam P.

What are Group Classes at Velocity Fitness Like?

Our group fitness classes are all 45 minutes, full body and highly intense. Our VFIT Combo Classes are all 1 hour.  The workouts are different everyday, which keeps you from getting bored and keeps your body guessing.  

Although the workouts are high intensity, they are designed for everyone!  Not just people in elite shape.  Our typical member is a 30 to 60 year old mother or father.

Expect to be challenged to the brink of what your body can handle.  You will be inspired and encouraged to do more than you ever thought possible.