See why we are called the Body Transformation Experts!

  Carl - "Well, first of all, the first thing I did was drop the big belly."

Jason - "I love this place!  I'm stronger, I'm in the best shape of my  life."

  Debbie - "I've lost about 15 lbs here  while working out."

Eddie - "I suffered a severe back injury at work."  "I had to have spinal fusion surgery."  

Sue - "I'm over 50 and the results have been fantastic."

Cody - "This is an incredible Gym, with an incredible dynamic."

Welcome to Velocity Fitness, an energizing studio / gym with amazing workouts, expert trainers, and top of the line equipment.

We change lives through motivation, accountability, camaraderie, and friendship.

We are the perfect alternative to the big box health clubs that would rather you sign up, but never show up

While our workouts are extremely challenging and will leave you exhausted, but felling great, amazingly they can also be fun. 

What are Group Classes at Velocity Fitness Like?

Our group fitness classes are all 45 minutes, full body and highly intense.  The workouts are different everyday, which keeps you from getting bored and keeps your body guessing.  We use high intensity interval training, circuit training, and strength and conditioning, to give you a full body workout that will leave you gasping for air, but feeling great. 

Although the workouts are high intensity, they are designed for everyone!  Not just people in elite shape.  Our typical member is a 30 to 60 year old mother or father.

Expect to be challenged to the brink of what your body can handle.  You will be inspired and encouraged to do more than you ever thought possible.